International Morals and Ethics Contest (IMEC)

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The process of training the students quality with the principles of Lord Buddha. A lesson for self-improvement to progress.

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The Lord Buddha's teachings.


Universal goodness.


Moral and Ethics.


National Grand Prize.

what we do

Youth development into the world's great and good of society.


Due to the lack of ethics among youths that result from the advancement of technology and the spread of materialism and consumerism, other social problems arise; e.g. drugs issues, family issues, crime and many other issues, which have been increasing in seriousness overtime. The solution to these problems cannot achieve a sustainable result without the development of juvenile ethics as well.

           Therefore, the International Buddhist Society, under the patronage of Most Ven. Somdej Phra Maharatchamangalajarn – The Member of the Thai Sangha Council, collaborating with the World Buddhist Sangha Youth (WBSY), set a policy to organize the International Morals and Ethics Contest (IMEC) - “Path of Progress” - to encourage students, teachers, academic staff, and other people to study Buddhist principles in order to be able to walk on the right path of life. Through this, the aforementioned issues will be reduced and the social issues of our day resolved. The nation will truly be covered under the peaceful shade of the Lord Buddha’s teachings.

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Why we do



To encourage students, teachers, academic staff and other people to develop an interest and seek knowledge in Buddhism.


To boost the capability of students, teachers, academic staff and other people to apply the Lord Buddha’s teachings in their daily lives, begetting a peaceful society, in which objective and moral prosperity achieves sustainable results.


To promote the strong bond of the family unit and the reconciliation of society.

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International morals and ethics contest